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Springfield apartment complex will house domestic violence survivors

Its not just any apartment complex. The 46 units planned for Talia apartments are meant to be a safe, secure new start for domestic violence survivors, who often face many obstacles to securing permanent housing. Lisa Farmer, executive director of Harmony House, says, They may not have been allowed to work so they dont have stable employment history. Its not at all uncommon for abusers to run up debt in the survivors names, so theyve got bad credit.

The project between Harmony House and housing developer, The Vecino Group, will have apartments with very affordable rent. It will include state of the art security to protect residents from their past abusers and Harmony House case managers on site for support.

Stacy Jurado-Miller, supportive housing developer at The Vecino Group, says, We also think that this site provides good access to employment, parks, resources, and if you look around, just has a general sense of stability and peace, and we appreciated that.

The Debt Panel: UAE resident earning Dh15,000 left counting the cost of bad credit score

I had Dh120,000 debt and have just paid off two three-year loans. Now I am now focusing on the remaining amount of Dh60,000, which is on credit cards. However, due to a struggle over the last three years, with late payments, returned cheques (all paid in the end) I apparently have a bad credit score. The banks I had loans with refuse to top up and my applications with every other bank have been rejected. Even the bank I#x2019;ve banked with for over four-and-a-half years, and deposit my salary to, has rejected my application for a debt consolidation loan twice. The first rejection, I was told was due to my debit account hitting under a Dh10 balance and I was advised to keep a Dh100 balance for a few months to restore my profile. The second application was rejected due to my #x2018;bad credit report#x2019;. I joined a new company and my salary was late for six months. Yet I still paid all my bills. Obviously, I would have liabilities and a bad credit history if I#x2019;m under duress to pay several debts. How on earth can that be an issue when seeking a debt consolidation loan, to stabilise my outgoings? For three years my entire salary has gone toward the EMI and credit card repayments. I then live off my cards, which is why for three years their balance has not diminished – I max out each card every month just to get by. What is the point of the banks acknowledging debt burdens and offering debt consolidation, but then rejecting an application for related concerns to the inability to keep up. To date, despite all late payments or returned cheques (due to an account number error) I have paid everyone. My salary is Dh15,000 and my company is unlisted. Surely Dh60,000 over 12 months is not a risk. I can do it. If I got Dh60,000 from a #x2018;friend#x2019; I would be able to give Dh10,000 a month back and it would be easier than this situation. How can I get around this? If at any time between now and closing my cards, I have an unforeseen emergency or expense I will be suffocated again. SP, UAE#x200b;

Don’t get a bad grade on your ‘adult report card’

A resident of Toronto, Ms. Ahmed-Haq flagged the discrepancy and had the credit agency correct her score. “But the lesson here,” she says, “is I should have looked into it ahead of time.”

Today, Ms. Ahmed-Haq is not only a home owner but a personal finance expert and family finance adviser for President’s Choice Financial, helping others through the sometimes complicated process of securing a first mortgage.

“A bad credit score might seem like a huge obstacle,” Ms. Ahmed-Haq offers, “but it’s not the end of the world. You can take steps to turn it around, but the first step is ensuring you’re educated on your own credit history and what contributes to your score.”

Bad credit has many causes, from missing a minimum monthly credit card payment to an unpaid traffic violation. Even a minor financial indiscretion can add up to trouble when trying to buy a home.

A survey released this year by New York-based Bankrate.com reports that 29 per cent of people who don’t own a house said they couldn’t afford a down payment, while another 16 per cent said their credit score wasn’t good enough to qualify for a mortgage.

“I always say the credit bureau is your adult report card and your credit score is your grade,” says Chantel Chapman, the financial fitness coach for Vancouver-based Mogo Finance Technology Inc.

“The credit score is based on your financial history and the way you handle borrowing money. It overall shows a person’s financial responsibility and money management skills.”

So credit scores are a fact of life, yet few Canadians take the trouble to find out about them until faced with a big asset purchase like a home.

“What’s really interesting is that 52 per cent of Canadians don’t know about their credit score and don’t even think to care to know until they need to borrow funds,” Ms. Chapman observes.

It’s not something that comes up much, even when seeking other forms of borrowing.

“Getting a mortgage is not the same as applying for a credit card,” she says. “With a mortgage, a broker will look at your personal application, assessing your individual risk, so it’s a much more involved process and something that shouldn’t be done last-minute, especially not in a hot real-estate market where not being prepared might cost you the house you really want.”

Louis-François Ethier, product manager with National Bank of Canada, says financial institutions look at everything from credit history to income stability when assessing individual risk.

“A good repayment history is important to obtain financing from a financial institution. A credit verification is done every time a new financing is requested,” Mr. Ethier says.

People with seasonal jobs can also be deemed a credit risk because their incomes cannot be tracked long term.

“Financial institutions are looking for permanent employment or job stability of three to six months,” Mr. Ethier says. “When the income is less stable – like business for self or seasonal employment – it may be requested to confirm the income over a period of two years.”

But there’s good news. Credit scores fluctuate, and often. Every 30 to 60 days a score will update, allowing those with bad credit to take steps to improve their standing in the eyes of a potential lender.

It requires a bit of planning, Ms. Chapman says. Inquiring early into your credit score – at least six months in advance of a potential home purchase – is an obvious first step “because then you can take steps to get back on track.”

Some of those steps involve paying attention to utilization rates, also known as debt-to-limit ratio. They can significantly affect credit scores, so a sure way of improving them is to keep credit card balances 70 per cent below the defined limit – 35 per cent if a debt balance is carried month-to-month, according to Ms. Chapman.

She also says to pay all bills on time and in full, an obvious point that still needs repeating as many people fail to heed it.

“Never miss a minimum payment,” Ms. Chapman cautions. “Even if it’s $4 and not $400, it is important to pay your debts on time.”

Also make sure to take care of any unpaid parking tickets. Ms. Ahmed-Haq would second that.

“Canadians should be aware that it’s also the little things they need to stay on top of. Something as small as a traffic ticket can negatively impact your score.” She speaks from experience.

“When younger, I paid a parking ticket late, one parking ticket that I had forgotten about, and it lowered my credit score,” Ms. Ahmed-Haq says.

“I guess you could say I learned the hard way always to pay your bills on time.”

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How To Get A $1000 Dollar Loan Even If You Have Bad Credit

It is true that it is hard to get a 1000 dollar loan if you have a bad credit. But it doesnt mean that you dont have any options. You may have fewer choices and if there are any available loans, they may charge higher fees.

How To Get Car Finance With Bad Credit : A Solution For Those In Dire Need

You can learn how to get car finance with bad credit by following a systematic approach. There are agencies which employ experts who guide borrowers in navigating through the bad credit auto loan financing process with ease. You can seek guidance from them as well but first try and do some homework by yourself prior to researching various options. But first and foremost, you need to know few vital guidelines. Here is some crucial information relating to the same which you may find useful during your effort to obtain an auto loan that fits your specific financial needs and budget.

Are You First Time Auto Buyer? Having Bad Credit? Don’t Worry, Get Your Free Auto Loan Quote Now and Obtain Car with Lowest Rates

1. The first step towards learning how to get car financing with bad credit online is to obtain free annual copies of your personal credit profile and check if there are any errors on it. Mistakes on credit report must be rectified prior to approaching several lenders.

2. While ensuring cleaning up of your credit slate, you also need make sure that you are taking some effective action for reducing your credit debts by paying monthly debt bills regularly months before you apply for a bad credit car financing loan.

3. For finding the best auto loan for bad credit situation, you can contact nearby banks and credit unions. Also do not forget to get free proposals from specialized subprime lenders online as they are known for providing some of the most affordable deals to borrowers.

4. When you have bad credit, buying a used car can be a great idea as such a proposition will require you to borrow money in fewer amounts. Besides, loan repayment duration’s offered for purchase of used cars are shorter and so loan dues can be repaid quickly for building credit faster.

5. To lower interest rate you can consider paying a reasonable amount of down payment or get a co-signer, who has good credit reputation, to co-sign the loan. Such kinds of financial assurances can help in getting quicker bad credit auto loan approvals.

6. Last but not the least, for finding the best car finance lender for your specific financial and credit circumstances, you need to get free non-binding quotes from several different lenders and compare them by using an online auto loan calculator. The task may be complicated and rigorous but if there is an expert to assist you during the process, it will appear easier and stress-free.

To know more about locating the best car loan with bad credit online, it is hereby recommended to utilize the professional services offered by reliable and reputed national online automotive finance service providers like Autoloansforeverydriver.com.

iPower Credit Services Unveiles New Service To Help ConsumersWith Bad Credit

United States – Consumer Service iPower Credit Services, a company that provides consumers with services related to restoring credit files, has announced that the company is now able to help their clients obtain a new credit file to help them start fresh when it comes to financial issues.

Unlike most companies who offer services to restore a consumer’s credit, iPower Credit Services uses a new and legal method to create a new and positive credit file for their clients. Their service enables consumers to get a new CPN (credit profile number or privacy number) number which is used instead of their social security number when applying for credit cards or credits.

“Damaged, less-than-perfect, or no credit at all restricts millions of deserving, hard working people from having the conveniences. Using our service, consumers are able to start fresh, which is something that comes with many benefits.”, the company’s spokesperson commented.

iPower Credit Services has developed a totally new approach when it comes to restoring a credit file. The concept is ideal for consumers whose credit files are filled with negative information or beyond repair. The company’s program is guaranteed and takes considerably less money, time and effort than services offered by common credit repair services. New credit files created by the company are completely separate from a consumer’s old one.

iPower Credit Services also provides advanced packages to companies and individuals who are interested in starting their own credit repair service. More information about this option is available on the company’s website.

For more information visit the related link section or call the company’s service line using the media contacts below.

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Media Contact

Phone (888) 887-4581

Fax (888) 883-3458


3017 Douglas Blvd. Roseville, CA 95661


Published on: 2016-05-30

Bob and Joy Schwabach: Bluetooth explained – It’s a short-range transmitter often not needed

We heard from a reader who wasnt sure what Bluetooth was and why she needed it on her new iPad Mini. The answer is (the envelope, please): Its a short-range radio transmitter and receiver, and she doesnt need it.

No doubt youre wondering why its called Bluetooth, and who wouldnt. Harald Bluetooth was a 10th-century king of Denmark, which back in those days included more than just Denmark. He had a dental problem. One of his front teeth was discolored, sort of bluish, you might say. So people used to call him – you guessed it – but not to his face, of course.

Bluetooth (radio version) has become common for communication between your watch and your smartphone and your tablet and your computer and any other device, gadget and gizmo that has the tiny hardware for receiving and sending the signal. Range is 30 feet, sometimes up to 300 feet, depending on conditions. We once used it to control an air filter with our phone, but it was actually easier just to press the button.

If you think your phone or tablet needs to communicate with another gadget, go to #x201c;settings#x201d; and tap #x201c;Bluetooth#x201d; to set it up. It has to look around (feel around?) to see if any brethren are in the area and it will then get in touch, so to speak. For example, you might want to listen to music on a wireless headset or transmit statistics from your Fitbit to your phone. But using Bluetooth drains batteries, so if you dont need it, dont use it.

Our eBay experience

We thought it would be easy to sell our old phone on eBay and it was.

As you know, eBay is an auction site. You can click a #x201c;buy now#x201d; button if youre willing to pay the asking price, but most people wait until the final hours of a sale to get a lower price. Sellers don#x2019;t pay a listing fee on the first 1,000 items, or the first $25,000. That may seem like a huge number of transactions, but some people make a business of it and buy and sell hundreds of items regularly.

EBay suggested we start the bidding on our 4-year-old Samsung Galaxy S3 phone at $48. As the 10-day deadline approached, it was bid up to $56. We had four bids and the winner paid within the 4-day deadline. (If they dont pay by then, you can file a complaint. The deal can be canceled and a new one begun.)

The money went right into our PayPal account. If you dont have a PayPal account, youll be prompted to create one, an easy process. If you link your PayPal account to your bank account, your PayPal funds can be transferred automatically. We didnt bother with this step. Not only do many websites accept funds from PayPal, its an easy way to pay freelance contractors, relatives and even some stores. Office Depot, for example, accepts payment from PayPal right there at the cash register.

Ebay made it easy to ship our item out, providing the shipping label. You can pay for the shipping cost or let the buyer pay. We let the buyer pay. Thats because they were getting a great deal anyway.

We could have sold our phone to Amazon, but they would have only given us $36 ($20 less than eBay.) Still, its worth checking out #x201c;Amazon Trade-In#x201d; for ideas on stuff you might want to sell. Joy#x2019;s yoga book would bring us $10. Amazon will also buy stuff you didn#x2019;t get on Amazon, but prices are dismal. Forty cents for our CD of Bach Partitas? Ridiculous; thats Glenn Gould playing.

The numbers report

WalletHub.com gives you a free credit score and has just announced its 2016 Credit Score report. According to it, iPhone users have the best credit (56 percent have an excellent rating). Blackberry users are most likely to have bad credit (46 percent of those users got a bad rating). And Android users had 44 percent with a bad rating.

App happy

#x201c;Redzone,#x201d; from redzonemap.com, is a free app for iPhones that identifies #x201c;red zones,#x201d; by which they mean areas with high crime rates. Pins on the map show you the exact location of shootings, assaults, thefts or other crimes occurring within the past 90 days. Areas mapped include the US and Israel. An Android app is due #x201c;soon,#x201d; they say.


#x2022;http://physicsdatabase.com/book-list-by-title offers hundreds of free scientific books in subjects such as quantum mechanics, chemistry, biology, math and astronomy.

#x2022;Universalenroll.dhs.gov is from the US governments transportation administration, with the idea of speeding up the security lines at airports. Enroll online, then show your passport in person at one of their security centers, and every time you fly, you can get in a faster line.

#x2022;Educents.com is an online marketplace for books and educational supplies from pre-kindergarten through college. Their best-sellers were mostly one-third off the regular price.

#x2022;NextAdvisor.com has an article about protecting yourself from malicious advertising – ads that have been hijacked. These ads have even been found on sites like The New York Times. One remedy is a free program from Malwarebytes.org, but there are others. For more info, go to NextAdvisor.com, click #x201c;technology#x201d; and scroll down to the article on #x201c;Malvertising.#x201d;

Tips and tricks

If you#x2019;ve ever bought anything electronic, you#x2019;ve probably seen those little bags of silica gel in the box. Don#x2019;t throw them out.

We watched a YouTube video called #x201c;Why You Should Never Throw Away Silica Gel Bags,#x201d; from IFlScience.com. These little bags, full of silicon dioxide, are non-toxic and will absorb moisture from anything around them. Throw them in a gym bag, and they may hinder bacteria or mold from growing. If your phone gets wet, put it in a jar with these bags and you#x2019;ll have a better chance of saving it. Put a few bags in a box of old photos to prevent them from sticking together. Your razor blades may last longer if you put them in a container with some silica bags.

You’re Not Stuck With Bad Credit Forever, Study Finds

Your credit score isn’t like your family; you aren’t stuck with it forever. In fact, credit scores are quite fluid, as a recent study from VantageScore Solutions shows.

The study looked at the credit scores of 2 million consumers between 2011 and 2013, reporting that 49% of these consumers saw a credit score increase of around 19 points during a 3-month period. During the same time frame, only 30% saw a decrease, averaging 24 points, while the rest of the people in the study (21%) had scores that remained level. VantageScore Solutions also looked at the score changes during a 12-month period, finding 51% of consumers had an average score increase of 27 points and a mere 11% had scores that stayed the same.

During the study, 53% of consumers had a positive uptick in their score, with an average of more than 40 points during 12 months. That being said, the odds are that your score will change this year. And whether these changes are for the better or not can depend on the financial choices you make.

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How to Better Your Credit Score

Your credit score is in your hands, in a sense. The choices you make and spending habits you have influence it. But to know how your past behaviors are playing a role, as well as if you have any habits now that you need to break, you first need to check your credit. You can get free annual credit reports from each of the major credit reporting agencies, and you can get two of your credit scores for free each month on Credit.com to see where you stand.

If you need to do something to fix your credit score, here are the next steps. First, you need to figure out why you have a bad credit score and address the issue. If your credit is suffering because you habitually make late payments, change your habits and start paying earlier or set up account alerts to remind you to make a payment. If youve checked your credit reports and think your credit is suffering because youve become a victim of identity theft, reach out to the credit bureaus to dispute any accounts that arent yours and contact the authorities.

Finally, take steps to improve your credit. This can include everything from opening a secured credit card to help build up your score or contacting a credit repair agency for help (here are some tips for picking a good one). You won’t necessarily improve your credit 19 points in three months like the study showed, but with the right tools and motivation, you can turn things around.

[Offer: If you’re worried about errors on your credit reports, and you don’t want to go it alone, you can hire companies – like our partner Lexington Law – to manage the credit repair process for you. Learn more about them here or call them at (844) 346-3296 for a free consultation.]

More on Credit Reports amp; Credit Scores:

  • The Credit.com Credit Reports Learning Center
  • How Do I Dispute an Error on My Credit Report?
  • How Credit Impacts Your Day-to-Day Life

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What Your Credit Score Says About the Upcoming Election

What does your credit score indicate about your voting preference and politics in general? Plenty.

According to a recent survey by credit score site WalletHub, Republican presidential nominee and Ohio Gov. John Kasichs supporters have some of the best credit scores in the field. Roughly 60% have excellent credit, with a score of 720 or higher. Nearly a quarter have good credit above 660, but below 719. Republican and Texas Sen. Ted Cruzs followers have the second-best credit, with roughly 56% holding scores of 720 and above, and about 10% coming in above 660, but below the highest threshold.

If youre looking for bad credit, however, WalletHub says 26% of Democratic nominee Hillary Clintons followers have a score of 620 or below. While Democratic rival Bernie Sanderss contingent fares slightly better at 22% with bad credit, one in five of those supporting Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is faring just as poorly. In fact, the more than 31% of Trump followers with score below 660 is even with Cruzs contingent, but trails Kasichs 14%.

Visalia ranks “bad” on credit score