Real Property Lenders owners to go to trial after judge throws out plea deal

Rodney Jarmin and Tammy Jordan, who are accused of defrauding about 100 people, will be going to trial after all. A judge reversed his ruling and reinstated felony charges Wednesday morning, after the case was almost derailed in June.

Im feeling relieved that the train wreck I referred to previously is now back on track, victim James Pope said.

A month ago, deputy district attorney Steve Von Dohlen asked Judge Donald Umhofer to throw out Jarmin and Jordans pleas. According to court transcripts, the prosecutor was mostly silent when the owners of Paso Robles-based Real Property Lenders pleaded no contest to misdemeanors instead of felonies, as charged. Jarmin, 75, and Jordan, 53, are accused of selling securities by means of false statements.

Its not finger-pointing. Its just a fact, defense attorney Robert Sanger said in court. He and Jordans attorney Pierre Blahnik called the backtracking buyers remorse.

Wednesday, assistant district attorney Lee Cunningham stepped in.

There was never a meeting of the minds with respect to this, so its not buyers remorse. Its that something happened that we didnt expect would happen, Cunningham said.

Judge Umhofer said he would recuse himself from the upcoming trial, when victims will have a chance to testify as witnesses.

Our trust in the justice system will now prevail. that my personal opinion of events will be evaluated by a jury, Pope said.

Jarmin and Jordan are scheduled to return to court on July 29 to set a new trial date.

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