Walking past a row of vending machines and ATMs at the Kursky train station in Moscow,Sergei Amirkhanov stops in front ofa bright orangecash machine.Instead of inserting his bankcard, he scans his passport, poses for a photo and enters his mobile number. He receives a text message on his phone a few minutes later, telling him to return to the machine and withdraw the cash he needs.

Thisstrange kind of ATM beganpopping up at railwaystations and shopping malls around Moscow last year. It looks like a regular cash machine, but its designed to accept loan applications and dole out money on the spot.

The loan ATM is a product of Oleg Boyko, a Russian billionaire who made his fortune runningslot machine halls.WhenPresident Vladimir Putin banned gambling in 2009, Boyko moved the gamblingbusiness outside the country, but he continues to controlfinancial firms and other companies in Russia. One of hisinvestments is 4finance Holding and its affiliate, SMS Finance, which operates the micro-loan machines.Boyko, a paraplegic who helps support the Paralympic Games, has also dabbled in Hollywood.Hesan investor in Summer Crossing, a movie based on a Truman Capote novel thatwill beScarlett Johanssons directorial debut.